"If you are ready to stop letting addiction and/or mental health issues control your life, you're in good company here. I'm doing it and you can too."


Here at GirlRECOVERED.com, you'll find relevant articles and useful tips on drug addiction and how to live a positive life in recovery by someone who's "been there". Insights and advise on treatment options from the addict's point of view, how to be successful in recovery, what’s worked for me and what you can expect along the way.

Articles about Medicated Assisted Treatment  (and whether it really works),  The Opioid Crisis in America, "What happens at rehab?" and more.

People can say they understand what an addict is going through, but no one understands like someone who's been through it themselves.

A little about me:  After almost 20 years of battling addiction and depression, I was finally able to break free. I'm grateful to be living a good life without the need to abuse substances. Over the years I've been to inpatient rehabs and detox facilities all over the country. I've tried outpatient treatment, 12-Step Programs, all kinds of medications, and probably every type of therapy that’s out there. I've gained valuable knowledge and lived-experience, and I've learned some hard lessons. Realizing that I couldn't just "stop using" and expect things to get better was key for me. I had to make lots of changes in my life (and in my thinking) to make it work.

I now work in the Peer Support field part-time helping other who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Helping others helps me, so thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope you’ll take a minute to like the "Girl Recovered" Facebook page and join our Addiction Survivors! group too. 

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